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Welcome to my personal page.

My name is Valentina Castro,

I am sixteen years old.

This is my family, there is my

grandfather, grandmother, my aunt,

and finally there is me.

This is my grandfather, he is a taxi

driver, his name is Jose Arturo

Paez and i love him very much.

She is my grandmother and her

name is Doris Martinez, i spend

most of my time with her.

These are my siblings, they are Felipe,

Salome and Luis Miguel. I am the Oldest

of all and i love them very much.

This is Kaneki, my little dog.

i found him outside my house and

now he lives with me.

The things i like to do are read, draw, watch

anime, listen to music and longboarding,

But also i love to sleep.

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She is my friend, her name

is Maria Jose and she is very

nice and cute.

This is Fabio, he is my best

friend from school, he is very

smart and very funny too.

This is the National University of Colombia.

Is the best public university from the country

and i would love to study there.

This is me studying laws :v

at the university. I will be working very

hard to be the best lawyer.

This is me working as a lawyer

after my graduation...

Very nice to be there.

This is Rome, i love italy and its culture,

It's a beautiful and romantic place,

perfect for a calm person.

This is an academic web page,

if it brakes any law of copyright,

please inform to


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